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Aminatou Haidar supporter

EU demands more human rights progress in Morocco

Fallujah birth defects blamed on US weapons by Daniel Tencer

Disturbing story of birth defects, parents blame American attacks from BBC News

Report: At least 1 in 3 killed by US drones in Pakistan is a civilian

Palestinians agree to indirect peace talks with Israel

India’s Maoist extremists ask Arundhati Roy to mediate in conflict with state

Bob Geldof demands proof of BBC Ethiopia aid weapons report

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OpenSecrets has integrated state & national campaign $ in a new way

Watchdogs detail 2008 campaign contributions in ways never before documented

Jeremy Scahill: Obama using Blackwater for assassinations in Pakistan

British Iraq War inquiry will be no whitewash, Chilcot promises from BBC News

What’s happened to journalists from defunct Seattle PI? from Save the News

Telcos to FCC: Give us billions, don’t make us share from Ars Technica

Volunteers log off as Wikipedia ages from Wall St Journal

Dana Perino blasts Obama one week after he nominated her to BBG

Free speech is net neutrality foreign policy says Obama tech deputy

Glenn Beck: Unheavenly host from The New Yorker

Russia is now a criminal state from BBC News

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