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Jeff Abrams of Boise Community Radio and Lupito Flores of KYRS Spokane have teamed up to make the case for financial support of independent, noncommercial radio projects like theirs for the latest newsletter from Social Justice Fund.

Here is an excerpt:

After lifting a decade-long application freeze, the FCC has recently awarded a wave of noncommercial broadcast licenses for grassroots organizations to establish new locally programmed, community-based radio stations across the country. These groups now have a powerful opportunity to use the ubiquitous nature of radio to re-connect communities – giving citizens their voice back and establishing new resources as indispensable as any city park, library or firehouse. Among other benefits, these new facilities will empower listeners and nonprofit groups by expanding awareness and mobilization capacity on local issues such as freedom of speech, women’s issues, cultural identity, arts and humanities, public health, environment, disability awareness, social welfare, and public governance.

Many new licensees have also recently received federal grant funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce to build these facilities. However, these awards are generally tied to a 25% local matching funds requirement.

Read the complete piece at the Social Justice Fund website.

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LPFM bill passes House subcommittee 15 to 1 from Prometheus Radio

Boise Community Radio federal grant match fundraising begins

KYRS Spokane going full-power with federal grant

Browser is new iPod, mobile app is new CD from Media Futurist


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After well over 100 hours of community radio, Digital Crossroads aired for the last time on Boise Community Radio, Radio Free Moscow and other stations in May.

Stay tuned for transcriptions and audio highlights in the coming months.

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I had to run a repeat show last week… So finishing this was a relief.
CLICK HERE to download or stream Digital Crossroads, produced live by Radioactive Gavin in the studio at Boise Community Radio, and carried by affiliates Radio Free Moscow and Media Island Olympia.

This week’s show features stories on rural broadband, the criminal Bush administration, and the future of the music industry. Relevant links:

  • Megan Tady’s video work on the digital divide for Internet for Everyone
  • John Eggerton’s article on adding broadband to the Universal Service Fund
  • Eric Alterman’s article on the Bush Justice Department’s secret evildoings
  • Michael Arrington’s lunch conversation with anonymous record executive
  • Geeky details of the new webcasting royalty settlements
  • Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins testified to Congress about radio royalties

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Touch the Sky with Radioactive Gavin now airs Sundays only, from 10am-Noon MST on Boise Community Radio. Our new program schedule will be posted on the Radio Boise website soon. Here’s the playlist for the 2/15 show.

Always On A Sunday – Frank Anderson, Tommy McCook    1964
Ranglin On Bond Street – Tommy McCook    1969
Cold Weather – Lee “Scratch” Perry    1973
Ras Menilik Congo (Harp)    – Augustus Pablo
Lights Went Out – Alice Russell    2008
Percy On The One – Clutchy Hopkins    2008
Darling Corey – Charlie Louvin, Andrew Bird     2009
Tape Eater – tobacco    2008
Strategy Of Tension – Filastine    2008
Solko – Dosh        2008
Before You Know I’m Gone – Electricwest    2008
Wonder No More – Andy & Joey    1965
Bu-Seki – DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo    1999
Africa – Jazz Jamaica    1993
Shocking Dub – Linton Kwesi Johnson    1980
Go To Work – Polka Dot Dot Dot    2008
Antiquity – Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson    2009
Bugle Call Outdoors – Sound Effects
— Monopoly Money segment —
— clip from Cultural Baggage —
— music: Monopoly Money – Take (2008) —
byrdshot and bye – dimlite
S.O.S.    – Cosiner    2004
So So Tough    – Nominal I    2007
Para Ti – Mongo Santamaría    1999
Back Doorbell – Daedelus    2003
Ride Your Donkey – The Tennors    1968
Five Hundred An Ounce – Reefer        2008
Wanna Get High? – Naoto Yamazaki    2007
—Funny Austin segment—
— clip from Tracey Ashley —
—music: Pelican – Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada (2008) —
Guiding Resolution    – Poets Of Rhythm    2001
Dejame Dormir – Aether    2008
Pivot – Kris Doty    2007
Dead Beat – Lake    2008
(2 songs live in Bozeman, MT)    Josh Martinez    2008
Leisure Suite – Feist    2004
If You Were Alone – Roger O’Donnell    2008

You can CLICK HERE to listen online or download the show.

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On Monday February 9, Digital Crossroads featured an interview with Reclaim the Media executive director Jonathan Lawson.

Listen to the entire 30-minute show, hosted by Radio Active Gavin, by clicking HERE. The show airs live at 9pm MST on Boise Community Radio, which is streaming at RadioBoise.org 24 hours a day.

Reclaim the Media has started a grassroots public assistance phone line in Seattle to provide answers to folks with DTV problems. SeattleDTV.com is such a unique project, Lawson says local TV stations are actually referring folks to them.

Also on the show, the Internet radio royalties debate enters its final week for negotiation. Plus, Congressmen in the House and Senate have re-introduced bills to begin charging AM and FM stations a new performance royalty. It would only amount to $1000 annually for small community radio stations like Boise Community Radio or Free Radio Moscow, but half of that money will go straight to the record companies. The broadcasting lobby is calling it a bailout for the record industry.

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The first hour of the Touch the Sky radio show on Boise Community Radio today consists of a full re-broadcast of the latest episode of Quiet Please, produced by Travis Owens. Quiet Please airs Saturday nights at 11pm on RadioBoise.org and this one is so brilliant and effective I decided to showcase Travis’ efforts for a few more ears. Audio of his show will be available here on the Radioactive Gavin blog in the future.

The second hour of the show features the Monopoly Money segment, featuring music by Take. Today’s segment is focused on the NORML contest and the “news” (as revealed by the idiots at News of the World) that Gold Medalist Michael Phelps likes to take bong hits. He has more Gold Medals than there are intelligent people who could be bothered by this. Super Bowl viewers and NFL fans have likely heard Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and punt returner Santonio Holmes smokes herb too. What do you think?

NORML, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, is hosting a video competition. Vote by Sunday night February 8th for your favorite 3 videos. I voted for my friend Robert Kam’s video “20 Millionth Marijuana Arrest” as well as (more…)

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