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Army penalizes field commanders who tried to warn McChrystal

General Petraeus won’t come out in support of gay ban repeal, yet

Schwarzenegger: I am the 1st Republican governor to support stimulus

‘Not clear’ if GOP can stop reconciliation, will ‘health summit’ backfire?

Rep. Chris Van Hollen: GOP ‘high on their own hype’

Woods, Edwards had a better year than the stimulus, says Sen. McConnell

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Peace activist confronts Israeli PM

Gaza explored from The New Yorker

Berlin Wall 20 years later from NY Times

EFF: Government finally turning over some telecom lobbying docs

6 progressive complaints about House health bill from The Nation

Net neutrality red herrings and how to combat them

Editorial: Who’s afraid of the big, bad Fairness Doctrine?

The Podestas turn change into dollars from HuffPo

Politico’s Ben Smith admits Obama camp fed him Edwards $400 haircut story

Dig trenches for broadband fiber when constructing new roads from The Hill

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