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Nate Hoffman at Boise Weekly blogged today about the news Obama’s team is asking Congress to push back the DTV transition.

citydesk2My favorite part is where Hoffman refers to me as “BW writer Gavin Dahl.” That made my whole week. In addition to the news that the converter-box coupon program has run out of money, and now when you request your coupons you are added to a waiting list… the latest news is the FCC did in fact open up an application window for TV stations to apply for new digital translator licenses. This means that Idaho Public Television has to raise more money, but if they get the permits and the bucks they can take care of the areas where free over-the-air television will go dark due to terrain. Read my original story for more info.

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Check out my feature on the transition to digital television signals from today’s Boise Weekly HERE.

I took this flashy photo of a DTV poster at Boise’s downtown post office.


Thanks to Peter Morrill at Idaho Public Television, Loris Taylor at Native Public Media, Megan Tady at Free Press and Nathaniel Hoffman at Boise Weekly for helping me get this article together!

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