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If I don’t get a chance to publish here every day these next two weeks, I will point to the work I’m doing for Boise Weekly and Common Frequency. You can bookmark my dedicated blog page on Boise Weekly, but the new Common Frequency site is still in beta mode for now. Austin is warm and humid and I’ve already seen a few of my best friends here. The eating has begun.

Remodeled Wheatsville Co-Op Deli photo by Eric Pils

Late night flight into town was followed up by a trip to Taco Cabana for cheap chain food. On my first full day in town I visited Wheatsville Co-Op for the first time since the remodel. Wow. And for lunch I had all the popcorn tofu I could eat, washed down with Austin’s own Sweet Leaf Tea. Later on I ate tacos al pastor at Polvo’s with no camera. Dangerously good. Best Texas beer so far is Real Ale Phoenixx Double ESB. Also digging the lighter St. Arnold Spring Bock.

One important note, my mixtapes for SXSW are not available to download from the Boise Weekly site. You have to go here to do that.

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