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These are my guesses for who will win, followed by my choice from the nominees, with other worthy candidates who were robbed of a nomination. In a few cases, I don’t want to comment on who it should be because I still haven’t seen a few of the relevant movies. UPDATED to include actual winners where I predicted wrong.

In the Loop - Best Comedy - Best Adapted Screenplay

BEST PICTURE: Avatar [The Hurt Locker won]
(who it should be): The Hurt Locker
(not nominated): Red Cliff

LEADING ACTOR: Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart
(who it should be): Colin Firth A Single Man
(not nominated): Viggo Mortensen The Road

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz Inglourious Basterds
(who it should be): ? – HAVEN’T SEEN The Last Station or The Lovely Bones
(not nominated): Nathan Fillion Trucker

Trucker - Best original screenplay

LEADING ACTRESS: Meryl Streep Julie & Julia [Sandra Bullock won]
(who it should be): ? – HAVEN’T SEEN The Last Station or The Blind Side
(not nominated): Jessica Biel Easy Virtue & Michelle Monaghan Trucker

(who it should be): Vera Farminga Up in the Air
(not nominated): Hiam Abbas Amreeka

(who it should be): Fantastic Mr. Fox
(not nominated): Ponyo

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Best Use of Bill Murray as a puppet

(who it should be): ? – HAVEN’T SEEN The White Ribbon
(not nominated): District 9

DIRECTING: The Hurt Locker
(who it should be): The Hurt Locker
(not nominated): District 9

DOCUMENTARY: Food, Inc. [The Cove won]
(who it should be): The Cove
(not nominated): Outrage & Not Quite Hollywood

State of Play - Hottest Blogger (not pictured)

SCREENPLAY ADAPTED: Up in the Air [Precious won]
(who it should be): In The Loop
(not nominated): State of Play

SCREENPLAY ORIGINAL: Inglourious Basterds [The Hurt Locker]
(who it should be): Inglourious Basterds
(not nominated): Trucker

Download and print out my new zine called Cine File HERE. (pdf)
Your very own 24-page guide to 100 of the best films from 2009.

Printing instructions:
1. Print two-sided in landscape mode, 8.5″ x 11″
2. Select “short edge” so the text on the back isn’t upside down.
3. If you’re printing in black & white, lightening the images is suggested.
4. Fold in half and you’ve got a booklet. I suggest one staple in the spine.

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