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Obama unveils plans to build new nuclear power plants

UN exec. secretary on climate change resigning this summer

Gibbs won’t discuss waterboarding policy on camera from Raw Story

The US has been torturing. Case closed. Literally by Harry Shearer

John Yoo’s lies about Obama from The Public Record

Feds won’t pursue 2006 NYPD shooting of Sean Bell

Bob’s Red Mill now employee-owned from Natural Products Marketplace

Women & minorities shortchanged by stimulus by Leigh Ann Caldwell

Obama seeks to ‘synchronize and integrate’ state & federal military forces

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Ed Schultz to Robert Gibbs: ‘You are full of shit and losing your base’

Addressing a crowd of progressive talk radio fans in Minnesota, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz revealed some of the harsh words he had exchanged with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs off the air earlier in the week.

“I told him he was full of shit is what I told him,” Schultz said. “And then he gave me the Dick Cheney f-bomb the same way Senator Leahy got it on the Senate floor. I told Robert Gibbs, I said, ‘I’m sorry you’re swearing at me, but I’m just trying to help you out.”

“I’m telling you, you’re losing your base,” he continued. “Do you understand that you’re losing your base? And that the American people don’t want public option, the American people want single-payer!?'” READ MORE

Sen. Menendez calls out ‘unprecedented’ filibusters as Sen. DeMint backtracks on ‘breaking the president’

Senators from each of America’s two major political parties lashed out at one another on a Sunday morning talk show. Dodging questions with talking points is nothing new, but this morning Senator Robert Menendez went off script and challenged the defeatism infecting the country.

In July, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said if Republicans were able to stop health care reform it would “break” President Barack Obama. “If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,” he said.

But now, DeMint denies that his intention was to break the president. READ MORE

Police beat 18-year-old violinist accused of carrying Mt. Dew bottle

Pittsburgh police have reassigned three plainclothes officers to uniformed duty pending an investigation into the beating of an 18-year-old student.

A police report indicates that officers became interested in Jordan Miles when they suspected he had a gun in his coat. After beating Miles in the head with a closed fist, the officers discovered the object was a Mountain Dew bottle.

Miles, a violinist and honor student who attends the prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School, says he resisted arrest because he thought the men were trying to abduct him and didn’t identify themselves as police.

The student is black, and the three officers are white. READ MORE

Cornyn: Effect of Supreme Court campaign finance ruling ‘overstated’

Sen. John Cornyn wants everyone to calm down about a Supreme Court decision that would allow corporations to pour an unlimited amount of cash into campaign advertisements. Cornyn believes the effect of the decision has been “overstated.”

“I think [the impact has] been overstated,” Cornyn (R-TX) told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Apparently Cornyn thinks that contributions to campaigns by individual donors is more of a threat than unchecked money from large corporations. READ MORE

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