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I had so much fun touching the sky this week, I’m going to let it air for a while. Touch the Sky airs on Boise Community Radio Sundays 10am-Noon MST and Wednesday 9-11am. I played around with some different effects on the mic breaks. Let me know if you like it.

You can download or listen to Hour One HERE.

Hour One Tracklist-

Dosh “Salt Pillars”
Nice Nice “We Go Towards”
Karsh Kale “Milan”
DJ/Rupture, Sindhu Zagoren “Mole in the Ground”
Headley Bennett “Two From Alpha”
Alpha Rhythm “Medicine”
Autechre “Altibzz”
Brightblack Morning Light “Oppressions Each”
Radioactive Gavin, Andy Rose “Into Space/What God Wants”
Rae Davis “Pyramids”
Sade “When Am I Going to Make a Living”
Lymbic System “Salamat Pagi Remix”
Nosaj Thing “Aquarium”
Mbuti Pygmies “Bachelor Duet with Lukembi”

Download or listen to Hour Two HERE.

Hour Two Tracklist-

Billy Martin, Grant Calvin Weston, DJ Logic “Rice Glue”
Vince Crofts, Mindi Reid “High Country”
Daedelus “I Car(ry) Us”
Nesak International “Ghostly Beings”
Soul Vendors “Things A Come Up to Dub”
Radio India “Deep Disco Drama Diva”
Santogold “Lights Out (Diplo’s Panda Bear Mix)”
Tommy McCook “You Have Caught Me”
The Ethiopians “Long Time Now”
Alton Ellis “Girl I’ve Got a Date”
Javelin “Susie Cues”
Gabriel Teodros & Moka Only “Stay Like That”
Ammoncontact “Dreamy”
Jackson Conti “Papaia”
Dick Dale “Let’s Go Trippin”
Tasteful Nudes “The TV Will Not be Revolutionized”

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The Tasteful Nudes





The finished version of “Bury the Hatchet (At Ground Zero)” is a masterpiece. I’ll be debuting it on KAOS radio tonight after Free Things Are Cool at 11 p.m.

Scope out The Tasteful Nudes now, because who knows if they will have to change their sound to please the marketing department at some corporate record label soon.

This song is unbelievably gorgeous. The whole record, The Soul of the New Machines, is guitar-rock-glory. There must be something post-meta-existential in these guys’ breakfast cereal.

The old website is here so read up before it’s replaced by something fancy. More importantly, their RupertMurdochSpace is here.

What will the winter and spring bring for these Nudes? I look forward to finding out, but for now I’m just going to sit very still and stare out the window while the new record moves me.

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