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My last meal at Las Manitas in Austin

Check the Exponential Records site for my new podcast. See similar work at TOUCH THE SKY.

Some notes on the tracks in the mix-

You can download the new record by Diego Bernal absolutely free from Exponential Records!

LAKE‘s incredible brand new record is out and K Records has it on vinyl.

Karl Blau‘s track is from the Anonymous Monk calendar. Get it!

Denver’s Westword recently reviewed a live Pretty Lights show.

Khingz has a new record out. Thug consciousness, wow.

Blue Scholars have a new EP out, partying in Hawaii with thinking caps on.

Moka Only is playing Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival next weekend.

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Check it direct it let’s begin…@ San Francisco Bay

Touch the Sky radio archives are now posted.


Digital Crossroads radio archives updated as well.


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Touch the Sky with Radioactive Gavin now airs Sundays only, from 10am-Noon MST on Boise Community Radio. Our new program schedule will be posted on the Radio Boise website soon. Here’s the playlist for the 2/15 show.

Always On A Sunday – Frank Anderson, Tommy McCook    1964
Ranglin On Bond Street – Tommy McCook    1969
Cold Weather – Lee “Scratch” Perry    1973
Ras Menilik Congo (Harp)    – Augustus Pablo
Lights Went Out – Alice Russell    2008
Percy On The One – Clutchy Hopkins    2008
Darling Corey – Charlie Louvin, Andrew Bird     2009
Tape Eater – tobacco    2008
Strategy Of Tension – Filastine    2008
Solko – Dosh        2008
Before You Know I’m Gone – Electricwest    2008
Wonder No More – Andy & Joey    1965
Bu-Seki – DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo    1999
Africa – Jazz Jamaica    1993
Shocking Dub – Linton Kwesi Johnson    1980
Go To Work – Polka Dot Dot Dot    2008
Antiquity – Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson    2009
Bugle Call Outdoors – Sound Effects
— Monopoly Money segment —
— clip from Cultural Baggage —
— music: Monopoly Money – Take (2008) —
byrdshot and bye – dimlite
S.O.S.    – Cosiner    2004
So So Tough    – Nominal I    2007
Para Ti – Mongo Santamaría    1999
Back Doorbell – Daedelus    2003
Ride Your Donkey – The Tennors    1968
Five Hundred An Ounce – Reefer        2008
Wanna Get High? – Naoto Yamazaki    2007
—Funny Austin segment—
— clip from Tracey Ashley —
—music: Pelican – Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada (2008) —
Guiding Resolution    – Poets Of Rhythm    2001
Dejame Dormir – Aether    2008
Pivot – Kris Doty    2007
Dead Beat – Lake    2008
(2 songs live in Bozeman, MT)    Josh Martinez    2008
Leisure Suite – Feist    2004
If You Were Alone – Roger O’Donnell    2008

You can CLICK HERE to listen online or download the show.

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The first hour of the Touch the Sky radio show on Boise Community Radio today consists of a full re-broadcast of the latest episode of Quiet Please, produced by Travis Owens. Quiet Please airs Saturday nights at 11pm on RadioBoise.org and this one is so brilliant and effective I decided to showcase Travis’ efforts for a few more ears. Audio of his show will be available here on the Radioactive Gavin blog in the future.

The second hour of the show features the Monopoly Money segment, featuring music by Take. Today’s segment is focused on the NORML contest and the “news” (as revealed by the idiots at News of the World) that Gold Medalist Michael Phelps likes to take bong hits. He has more Gold Medals than there are intelligent people who could be bothered by this. Super Bowl viewers and NFL fans have likely heard Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and punt returner Santonio Holmes smokes herb too. What do you think?

NORML, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, is hosting a video competition. Vote by Sunday night February 8th for your favorite 3 videos. I voted for my friend Robert Kam’s video “20 Millionth Marijuana Arrest” as well as (more…)

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I had so much fun programming this morning’s Touch the Sky on Boise Community Radio. Here is the playlist… song artist album

you still believe in me m ward transistor radio
Sophia’s Lullaby Ernest Gonzales While on Saturn’s Rings
Introduction Quantic The 5th Exotic
La Lucha Sigue Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds El Niño Y El Sol
Sarinda Solo Afghanistan Traditional Musicians – Afghanistan
friendly fire sharpshooters twice as nice
To Know You Gift Of Gab 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
Indian Love Call Tommy McCook Real Cool
Time Is The Enemy Quantic The 5th Exotic
Heartbroken Forever Tender Forever Wider
Polar Opposites Modest Mouse Live at KVRX 3/2000
Everything Is Free Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator)
Nhimutimu John Kunaka Zimbabwe: Soul Of Mbira: Traditions of Shona People
Anti Love Song Betty Davis This Is It!
detroit twice el michels affair 7″
lily manu dibango 7″
Dog It Digable Planets Beyond The Spectrum: The Creamy Spy Chronic
Only U Felt Like Home Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Castro Westlake Class Of 1999
Humdrum Headspin Daedelus Throw A Fit – EP

Monopoly Money: clip from Super High Me with Doug Benson, music by Take

here we go sharpshooters twice as nice
My Lady’s House Iron & Wine Woman King
Oh, The Places We’ll Go Lake Oh, The Places We’ll Go
Touch Your Body (live) Josh Martinez Live in Bozeman
Miraculous Technique Belle + Sebastian BBC Sessions
Collecting Rocks Super XX Man Volume 6
I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham Dickel Brothers Volume Two

Austin is Funny: John Evans, music by Echo Base

Listen to John Evans CLICK HERE

La Familia Mirah You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This
sea of love cat power 10/3/98 live at kvrx
Love’s a Real Thing Super Eagles World Psychedelic Classics, Vol. 3
Outro Dj Take Third Story (12”)
Back In Baby’s Arms Patsy Cline 12 Greatest Hits

The show airs Sundays 10am-Noon MST on RadioBoise.org and repeats Wednesday 9-11am. Let me know if you like the comedy. I’m going to feature a short clip from a different Austin comedian every week from now on. Austin really is funny. Watch, you’ll believe me if you check back.

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I had so much fun touching the sky this week, I’m going to let it air for a while. Touch the Sky airs on Boise Community Radio Sundays 10am-Noon MST and Wednesday 9-11am. I played around with some different effects on the mic breaks. Let me know if you like it.

You can download or listen to Hour One HERE.

Hour One Tracklist-

Dosh “Salt Pillars”
Nice Nice “We Go Towards”
Karsh Kale “Milan”
DJ/Rupture, Sindhu Zagoren “Mole in the Ground”
Headley Bennett “Two From Alpha”
Alpha Rhythm “Medicine”
Autechre “Altibzz”
Brightblack Morning Light “Oppressions Each”
Radioactive Gavin, Andy Rose “Into Space/What God Wants”
Rae Davis “Pyramids”
Sade “When Am I Going to Make a Living”
Lymbic System “Salamat Pagi Remix”
Nosaj Thing “Aquarium”
Mbuti Pygmies “Bachelor Duet with Lukembi”

Download or listen to Hour Two HERE.

Hour Two Tracklist-

Billy Martin, Grant Calvin Weston, DJ Logic “Rice Glue”
Vince Crofts, Mindi Reid “High Country”
Daedelus “I Car(ry) Us”
Nesak International “Ghostly Beings”
Soul Vendors “Things A Come Up to Dub”
Radio India “Deep Disco Drama Diva”
Santogold “Lights Out (Diplo’s Panda Bear Mix)”
Tommy McCook “You Have Caught Me”
The Ethiopians “Long Time Now”
Alton Ellis “Girl I’ve Got a Date”
Javelin “Susie Cues”
Gabriel Teodros & Moka Only “Stay Like That”
Ammoncontact “Dreamy”
Jackson Conti “Papaia”
Dick Dale “Let’s Go Trippin”
Tasteful Nudes “The TV Will Not be Revolutionized”

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Check it out, this week’s show is available to download or stream!

The show was dedicated to Andrea Holland who is facing 4 felony charges in Boise, accused of running a major ecstasy operation. Lots of drugs are dangerous, from crack and speed to Vioxx and Viagra. The point is locking people up for half their lives for some drugs while Big Pharma makes billion dollar profits is unjust.


Always On A Sunday Frank Anderson, Tommy McCook 2:30 Ska Bonanza 1964
Daytime Butterflies Yao 1:52 Solos In Stereo II 2008
Sun Is Shining DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo 6:52 Ki-Oku 1999
Ocean Polka Dot Dot Dot 4:23 Love Letter To New Zealand
Flute Duet Mbuti Pygmies Of Ituri Rainforest 1:53 Mbuti Pygmies Of Ituri Rainforest
I’m In The Mood For Ska Lord Tanamo 2:30 Ska Mania 1995
Concrete Mythology Deceptikon 4:22 Butter 2007
Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia On River Mali Music 1:04 Afel Bocoum & Damon Albarn
What Is This World Coming To Junior Byles 2:36 Curly Locks 1970
runindicator dimlite 5:26 a/dd 2003
So I Can Love You The Emotions 2:51 Stax Soul Singles, vol. 2 1969
Leaving Light Talkdemonic 2:12 Eyes At Half Mast 2008
You’re The One ft. Om’mas Keith Daedelus 3:40 Love To Make Music To 2008
Back Home (The Return) Common Market 3:03 Tobacco Road 2008
City Of The Morning Johanna Kunin 2:58 Clouds Electric
The Jaunt Poets Of Rhythm 3:11 Discern/Define 2001
Rings Nomo 6:01 Ghost Rock 2008
On Neon Nice Nice 2:51 Chrome 2003


Susie Cues Javelin 1:55 Solos In Stereo II 2008
Call To Arms Harmonic 313 4:36 Warp Records – Spring 2008 2008
Flop We Featuring Junior Cat DJ /Rupture 3:50 Special Gunpowder 2004
Epic Grooves Mystery Techno 9:32 Mystery Techno
Trippy Freakout Mystery Techno 12:32 Mystery Techno
Rusty Anchors Wrestling Waves Adventure Time 7:24 Dreams Of Water Themes
Yegelle Tezeta Mulatu Astatqe 3:15 Broken Flowers 2005
clouds & snow ben kamen 3:14 “dreams” 2008
Twenty Minutes edIT 4:43 Crying Over Pros For No Reason 2004
Offs Machine Drum 3:27 Bidnezz 2004
I Can’t Hide Ken Parker 2:24 Treasure Island Showtime 2002
Hou Many Times The Wailers 2:51 Ska Bonanza 1965

Touch the Sky will feature a selection of two hours of the best tracks from the show so far every Sunday 10am-noon MST and every Wednesday 9am-11am MST for the rest of September. Tune in Wednesday October 1st at 9am MST for the next live show…

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This week’s Touch the Sky was by far the most electronic so far. I imagine things will continue to shift and evolve as Boise Community Radio gets more new music in the mail (and digitally).

  • “Song Title” Artist. Album (Year)
  • “August Relativity” The Duster. 1975 EP (1999)
  • “Brainwave” NOMO. Ghost Rock (2008)
  • “Mistral” Distance. My Demons (2007)
  • “Requiem, Op. 48 (Pie Jesu)” Oxford Camerata. Broken Flowers (2005)
  • “Shaking” Nora McMahon. Nora McMahon (2008)
  • “Return to Django” The Upsetters. Ska Mania
  • “Lost + Finding” Ben Kamen. Dreams (2008)
  • “Deep Blue Sea” Grizzly Bear. Warp Spring 2008 (2008)
  • “Blue Ocean Blue” Lake. Oh, The Places We’ll Go (2008)
  • “Shake It (Take 2)” Alton Ellis. Treasure Island Showtime
  • “Up” Nobody Presents Blank Blue. Western Water Music Vol. 2 (2008)
  • “Oceanic Part 2” Anoushka Shankar + Karsh Kale. Breathing Under Water
  • “True” Via Tania. Under A Different Sky (2003)
  • “End” ATTN. Tour EP (2008)
  • “Digital Eskimo Fox” Eskimo Fox. Pay It All Back
  • “Push Wood” Jackie Opel. Ska Bonanza (1965)
  • “Spred Satin” Roland Alphonso & Studio One Orchestra. Ska Bonanza (1965)
  • “Starship Africa Section 1” Creation Rebel. Starship Africa
  • “Interstellar” Thomas Fehlmann & Dabrye. Lowflow (2006)
  • “Sent From Sandy Shores” Adventure Time Saul Williams Sacajawea. Dreams of Water Themes (2003)
  • “Latchey Kid” Plan B. Butter Compilation (2007)
  • “Kalea Morning” Twine. Twine (2003)
  • “Words You Said” Deru. Trying to Remember (2004)
  • “Rotating Mutation” The Tasteful Nudes. Disguise the Limit (2008)
  • “Beleke” Fatai Rolling Dollar. Nu Afrobeat Experience
  • “Tea Leaf Dancers” Flying Lotus. Reset EP (2007)
  • “Dawn (Instrumental)” Blue Scholars. Back Home EP (2007)
  • “Ende” Kettel. Myam James Part 1 (2008)

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The 2nd ever Touch the Sky playlist is my one of my favorite radio shows after 8 years in the game. If you missed it, let me know because I guarantee all the greatest hits will make it onto a highlight show sooner or later. Touch the Sky is airing Wednesdays from 9am – 11am MST and Sundays 10am – Noon MST on Boise Community Radio.

Sippin Coffee DJ Ian Head & Abyssinian Creole Pieces 2006
Intergalactic Excursion Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe
Up Warrika Hill Augustus Pablo Original Rockers 1979
Three Shades Nomo Ghost Rock 2008
Gravity The Notwist The Devil, You + Me 2008
This Earth Via Tania Under A Different Sky 2003
Broken Dreams Yesterdays New Quintet Angeles Without Edges 2001
There Is An End The Greenhornes & Holly Golightly Broken Flowers 2002
Always On A Sunday Frank Anderson, Tommy McCook Ska Bonanza (Disc 1) 1964
A Matter of Time Singers & Players w/Bim Sherman Adrian Sherwood Master Recordings 2
In The Swim Nobody Presents Blank Blue Western Water Music Vol. II 2008
Slum Beautiful Outkast Feat. Cee-Lo Stankonia 2000
Tayzee Nub Califone Roomsound 2001
Four Peyote Songs Gerald Primeaux, Sr. Into The Future 2008
2 Becomes 1 Karl Blau Nature’s Got Away 2008
Brood Boxcutter Oneiric 2006
Jupiter Desolation Wilderness White Light Strobing
Guilty Cubicles Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lost 2001
Trust (By Umar Bin Hassan) Qaballah Steppers Dub In Fusion
Good Memories Prince Jazzbo If Deejay Was Your Trade :At King Tubby’s 1994
Ojeje Ebenezer Obey Ju Ju Jubilation 1998
Want Fi Goh Rave Linton Kwesi Johnson Forces Of Victory 1979
Problems Horace Andy Sounds & Pressure Vol. 1
I’ll Be Here Awhile 311 Greatest Hits ’93-’03 2004
On The Beach (Medley) The Paragons Treasure Island Showtime 2002
Totus Is Vicis ATTN Tour EP
I’m A Worried Man Willie Nelson & Toots Hibbert Countryman 2005

ATTN is my favorite band in Boise and they have a highly anticipated full-length record coming soon. Desolation Wilderness and Karl Blau have brand new records coming out on K Records. Nomo and Nobody have choice cuts on Ubiquity Records right now! More on these and others in weeks to come!

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Touch the Sky is my new radio show on Boise Community Radio, airing every Wednesday 9am-11am and Sunday 10am-noon MST. Boise Community Radio streams live on the Internet 24/7. Hit me up with feedback here or by email: music[at]radioboise.org

“Dreams to Remember” Prince Buster Judge Dread Rock Steady/She Was a Rough Rider 1993
“Ali Baba” John Holt Treasure Island Showtime 2002
“Substyle” Dub Syndicate Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings Vol 2 2000
“Monopoly Money” Take Earthtones & Concrete 2007

“Coming Of Age” HIM Many In High Places Are Not Well 2003

“What God Does Is Done Well” The Tasteful Nudes Play Paragraphs Today 2005
“Scheming” Lusine Iron City 2002
“Fronteras Y Sueños” Omar Sosa And Greg Landau Day Off EP 1 2007
“Great Stone” King Tubby & Soul Syndicate 2 Heavyweight: Another Blood & Fire 1977
“No Ordinary Caveman (Nobody Remix)” Head Like A Kite No Oridnary Caveman [EP] 2008

“Mr. Big Mouth” Tunde Williams Mr. Big Mouth/Low Profile

“The Motion Picture” The Duster 1975 EP 1999
“Walls” Beck Feat. Cat Power Modern Guilt 2008
“Mettle” Leila Warp Records – Spring 2008 2008
“Suitcase” Nora McMahon Nora McMahon 2008
“Catatonia” Connie Price & The Keystones Tell Me Something 2007

“Open Up The Gate” The Congos Heart Of The Congos
“Musical Pressure” Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Rock Steady Rave
“City Too Hot” Lee “Scratch” Perry Essential Madness From The Scratch Files 1977
“Dura” Ratatat LP3 2008

“Gubelye” Mulatu Astatqé Broken Flowers 2005
“Smilin’ (While You’re Crying)” Poets Of Rhythm Discern/Define 2001
“Daylight” Yesterdays New Quintet Angeles Without Edges 2001
“Oceans 11” Cecil Lloyd, Roland Alphonso & The City Slickers Ska Bonanza (Disc 1) 1964

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