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I first met David Barsamian, the founder of Alternative Radio, at the Boston Social Forum 2004. Since then I’ve been a frequent listener to his program, which airs on over 200 radio stations in North America and beyond. He is invited to speak at Evergreen State College every so often, so I caught up with him there last time at least to say hello. But last week we were both at KGNU Boulder to hear Antonia Juhasz speak about her new book Tyranny of Oil. He said he would have time to meet with me, so yesterday we talked for about an hour at Laughing Goat Coffee House in downtown Boulder before I flew back to Boise. He was supportive and excited about Boise Community Radio going FM next year.

Barsamian is calm and cool, always working. He had a huge pile of books and articles while he sipped espresso, and gave me his latest interviews with Noam Chomsky and Andrew Bacevich. He has been writing extensively about Pakistan and India, and is preparing to visit there for the third time in a year. I mentioned to him that after researching and writing about murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya for an entire quarter last year at Evergreen, my journalism adviser told me I ought to have focused on local reporting. David replied, “I don’t want to cover Boulder. I want to cover the world.”

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