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Check it out, this week’s show is available to download or stream!

The show was dedicated to Andrea Holland who is facing 4 felony charges in Boise, accused of running a major ecstasy operation. Lots of drugs are dangerous, from crack and speed to Vioxx and Viagra. The point is locking people up for half their lives for some drugs while Big Pharma makes billion dollar profits is unjust.


Always On A Sunday Frank Anderson, Tommy McCook 2:30 Ska Bonanza 1964
Daytime Butterflies Yao 1:52 Solos In Stereo II 2008
Sun Is Shining DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo 6:52 Ki-Oku 1999
Ocean Polka Dot Dot Dot 4:23 Love Letter To New Zealand
Flute Duet Mbuti Pygmies Of Ituri Rainforest 1:53 Mbuti Pygmies Of Ituri Rainforest
I’m In The Mood For Ska Lord Tanamo 2:30 Ska Mania 1995
Concrete Mythology Deceptikon 4:22 Butter 2007
Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia On River Mali Music 1:04 Afel Bocoum & Damon Albarn
What Is This World Coming To Junior Byles 2:36 Curly Locks 1970
runindicator dimlite 5:26 a/dd 2003
So I Can Love You The Emotions 2:51 Stax Soul Singles, vol. 2 1969
Leaving Light Talkdemonic 2:12 Eyes At Half Mast 2008
You’re The One ft. Om’mas Keith Daedelus 3:40 Love To Make Music To 2008
Back Home (The Return) Common Market 3:03 Tobacco Road 2008
City Of The Morning Johanna Kunin 2:58 Clouds Electric
The Jaunt Poets Of Rhythm 3:11 Discern/Define 2001
Rings Nomo 6:01 Ghost Rock 2008
On Neon Nice Nice 2:51 Chrome 2003


Susie Cues Javelin 1:55 Solos In Stereo II 2008
Call To Arms Harmonic 313 4:36 Warp Records – Spring 2008 2008
Flop We Featuring Junior Cat DJ /Rupture 3:50 Special Gunpowder 2004
Epic Grooves Mystery Techno 9:32 Mystery Techno
Trippy Freakout Mystery Techno 12:32 Mystery Techno
Rusty Anchors Wrestling Waves Adventure Time 7:24 Dreams Of Water Themes
Yegelle Tezeta Mulatu Astatqe 3:15 Broken Flowers 2005
clouds & snow ben kamen 3:14 “dreams” 2008
Twenty Minutes edIT 4:43 Crying Over Pros For No Reason 2004
Offs Machine Drum 3:27 Bidnezz 2004
I Can’t Hide Ken Parker 2:24 Treasure Island Showtime 2002
Hou Many Times The Wailers 2:51 Ska Bonanza 1965

Touch the Sky will feature a selection of two hours of the best tracks from the show so far every Sunday 10am-noon MST and every Wednesday 9am-11am MST for the rest of September. Tune in Wednesday October 1st at 9am MST for the next live show…

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