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US oil company donated millions to climate skeptic groups, says Greenpeace

The obscenity of war by Amy Goodman

Citizens united against Citizens United by David Swanson

Police: Teaching kids to mistrust govt. makes couple ‘unsuitable’ parents


Bailed out banks are even more powerful now than before the crisis

Elizabeth Warren: Bank lobbyists fought for very thing they’re now against

Supreme Court hands victory to mutual fund industry

Student loans: Govt. is now officially in the banking business


Google goes evil, gets in bed with Verizon by Josh Silver

PR firm behind propaganda videos given $25M stimulus contract

Google says China’s ‘great firewall’ blocked search

Fox News has best quarter in network history from Mediaite


Thanks health bill, for $250M back to abstinence-only education

Naomi Wolf thinks Tea Parties help fight fascism from Alternet

Brown vs. Democracy in California by George Lakoff

States high on marijuana tax as budget cure

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Plagued by bad memories? Call Death Bear


Letter sent to alleged drug kingpin details DEA surveillance

CPB’s new local journalism centers initiative from New Public Media

FCC removes gender from advertising nondiscrimination rules

Victim-blaming is alive in the school paper at American University


Ten things you didn’t know were in the health bill by Emily Badger

David Frum on health reform: ‘Repeal is literally impossible’

Insurers find loophole in health bill, say they don’t have to cover sick kids

The strange tale of ‘black liquor’ and $25B from The Takeaway


Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change, says James Lovelock

Landmarks went dark worldwide to mark fourth annual Earth Hour

The Yes Men trick the world from Campus Progress

Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood promises bicyclists will finally have a voice


Nader on Attention deficit democracy from Common Dreams

Obama is ‘delivering, but for financial institutions’ says Chomsky

CNN claims only Dems want to close Guantanamo Bay prison

Watchdog files complaint against ‘deceptive and illegal’ Hannity concerts

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No mail on Saturday? Americans say OK

No mail on Saturday? Americans say OK from True/Slant


Van Jones: ‘I feel like I’m just getting started’ from Grist

Civil rights & media justice from Prometheus Radio

Ian Tomlinson family waits for answers one year after G20 protests

Indebted UC students: Put down the soy lattes by Allison Kilkenny


The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters by Glenn Greenwald

Wikipedia to undergo fundamental changes in April

1 in 4 kids aged 8-12 on Facebook despite age restrictions

Google goes it alone in China censorship fight


Digital divide will ensure a broadband ghetto from GigaOm

Blair Levin: Reclaiming spectrum puts FCC on ‘right side’ of history

New RFID tag could mean the end of bar codes from Wired

Why isn’t my house out-thinking my dog yet? from Wired


Conservation icon Stewart Udall dies from New West

Climate bill could face threats from the left from The Hill

Sen. Tom Udall’s goal: ’10 Republicans on the climate bill’ from Grist

Van Jones: Clean energy ‘will be increasingly safe political ground for both parties’


Not feeling well? Perhaps you’re marijuana deficient by Paul Armentano

In drug war, failed old ideas never die by Bernd Debusmann

Ask Umbra chews the fat with Moby about his new book Gristle

Celebrities climb Kilimanjaro to awaken world to water crisis from Treehugger


Court strikes limits on contributions to independent political groups

The horrible prospect of Supreme Court Justice Cass Sunstein

Tea Party harbors a dwindling, confused demographic by Allison Kilkenny

Will Greenwald be labeled a ‘terrorist’ and assassinated? from Antiwar Radio


How a visionary author became a target of right-wing conspiracy theory

The banishment of David Frum: The revolution devours its children

Where were all these ‘freedom-loving’ right wingers during the Bush years?

Michael Chertoff joins defense firm that defrauded the US government


Clear Channel spent $1.6M lobbying Congress & FCC in 2nd half of 2009

Chomsky: Popular outrage not challenging corporate power from In These Times

Viva la student revolution: Part of reform corporations couldn’t buy

Afghanistan spy contract goes sour for Pentagon from CorpWatch


US intent on dragging Israel to negotiating table from Electronic Intifada

Chomsky: Obama spat over Netanyahu’s ‘insulting manner, not settlements’

NPR misleads and misinforms on East Jerusalem from Mondo Weiss

KBR mechanics worked as little as 43 minutes per month by John Byrne

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Closing ceremony - Canada laughs at itself


Toyota accused of ‘withholding documents’

Al Gore finally responds: ‘We can’t wish away climate change’

Fears drive up the price of copper

Mortgage modifications and you, Part One from FDL

Sixth Annual Israel Apartheid Week hits 40 cities


1000 US soldiers dead in Afghanistan, time to revive anti-war agenda

Kevin Zeese & David Beito on Antiwar Radio: Fundraising for peace

Report: Depressed Tony Blair ‘wanted to quit after Iraq War’

Military suicides are causing civilian casualties too

Pentagon policy allows troops to over-share from Gizmodo


Guns at Starbucks? Open Carry Movement says yes

US Rep. challenges DEA grow-op raid from Stop the Drug War

Vermonters take on nuclear power from Consortium News

Progress toward a multiracial nation from Yes Magazine

Johnny Depp: Free the West Memphis Three


Chile scrambles to find survivors, death toll passes 700

IMF seeks new global currency, more power

New report on web censorship in China

Coffee producers ‘getting hammered’ by climate change

Iran warns of more ‘repressive measures’ in March

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The Day After Tomorrow might have been yesterday by Matthew Berger

Coal miners join historic rallies to end mountaintop removal from Alternet

Aspartame renamed ‘AminoSweet’ and now marketed as ‘natural sweetener’

No way, Bill Gates totally wants to nuke climate change

EPA hearts clean coal, capitulates on ethanol from Grist

Invasive species, global warming taking toll on Thoreau’s Walden Pond

Extreme weather is part of global warming, says climate scientist from DN!

Candidate wants to suspend regulations on greenhouse gases from Wired

USDA makes the right call on school meat safety from Grist

New USDA rules establish strong organic standards for pasture & livestock

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Climate change deniers are ‘unpatriotic’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on his new 10 million solar roofs bill from Grist

Tritium hot zone expands around Vermont nuclear plant

Is Chicago earthquake a wake-up call for clean coal? from Alternet

From the annals of Sno-Cone science from Common Dreams

War at home: Local eco-warriors making a big noise in UK

What have Scorpions, Nobel Prize winners & William Shatner got in common?

Australia’s invading camels will soon be crocodile food from Treehugger.com

Greenpeace: Japanese anti-whaling activists face up to 10 years in prison

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Glover, Damon, Brolin, Mortensen join Zinn's cast

The People Speak: When TV makes history by Dave Zirin

ACORN inquiry finds nothing illegal, faults bad leadership

Can the government ban political speech to fight terrorism? from FEP Project

ACLU loses $20m donor from NY Times

Take me to your climate leader by Amy Goodman

Cheney for president? by William Rivers Pitt

Alberto Gonzales: What I’ve Learned from Esquire

Obama again reminds America he’s not a Black President

Why journalist Gary Webb died from Consortium News

Grammys to award homophobia? from Change.org

Will Apple take a dip in the stream? from Future of Music Coalition

PLUS: On-demand all-you-can-eat streaming for $5 with MOG

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Andy Worthington: The human cost of Guantanamo from Truthout

Supreme Court tosses out ruling to release torture photos

Spitzer on Democracy Now: Geithner, Bernanke ‘complicit’

Dubya and Blair ‘misled public’ ‘could end up on trial’

New white house press pool rotation sparks debate from Politico


20,000 climate activists march through London

Tens of thousands march against Silvio Berlusconi in Rome

Martial law returns ahead of rebellion in Philippines

Arrests mark Greek riot anniversary

Iran bans foreign media, Cut Tehran web access as student rally nears

Zelaya supporters end 5 months of daily protests in Honduras

Gaza Freedom March less than one month away

U of Wisconsin protesters want Karl Rove on trial


Ode to books, why e-books will never replace them from Geek Dad

Administration fears public scrutiny would scuttle IP treaty talks

ALA submits comments on FCC broadband plan

PEG channels’ new best friend: Comcast? from Multichannel News

Comcast NBC: Donor interests vs. key Obama principles

Comcast rated 10 on Harold Feld’s association scale

The rise and fall of MySpace from Financial Times

TV exec upset daughter wants no TV at college from Techdirt

The myth of broadband hogs

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EPA demands attorneys remove video critical of Cap and Trade from Grist

MySpace traffic drop costs News Corp $100M from Wired

Charter’s unfair treatment of community TV

Legalize It from CounterPunch

I am an America hating terror-enabler from At Largely

Sen. Bernie Sanders tackels ‘too big to fail’ in 2 pages

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Sorry Twitter pumpkin over capacity

Twitter serves up ideas from users from NY Times

ACLU: Obama signs bill allowing defense dept. to block FOIA requests

Pentagon won’t confirm domestic propaganda program ended from Raw Story

Israel targeting grassroots nonviolent Palestine activists from Antiwar.com

Illustrated view of world without net neutrality rules from WA Post

Climate change effect on North Sea now apparent from Wired

Netanyahu unsure how to contain Gaza fallout from Antiwar.com

Web to be truly worldwide at last from BBC News

Medical marijuana institutes crop up in Denver from Westword

Marijuana legalization expected to be on CA ballot

Beliefnet evangelist will be senior adviser to FCC chief Dr. J?

Brad Will’s murderer held in Mexico believed to be scapegoat

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Secret plan to undermine US dollar by Robert Fisk

Roundup: Kerry-Boxer climate bill reactions from Grist

Roundup: Patriot Act vote reactions from EFF

Obama stalls telecom immunity lobbying records FOIA, “inter-agency” says DOJ (more…)

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Mary Wood, a law professor at University of Oregon, spoke at a public forum attended by about 25 people at Doubletree Hotel in Boise on Thursday afternoon August 21st. She was introduced by Leif Elgethun of Leavitt & Associates, who hosted the event organized for Idaho Green LEEDers and the general public. Audio (MP3 to stream or download) of the entire talk has been made available courtesy of grassroots media outlet Boise Community Radio.

radical environmentalist?

is preserving nature for our children radical?

You can download a Word document copy of the entire speech HERE.

Part One includes the introduction and the first 40 minutes of the talk, focusing on the imminent peril we face on Earth and the speakers’ views on whether a government should be allowed discretion not to regulate in the public interest.

Part Two highlights solutions, centered around 3 core principles outlined by the speaker. She claims we must face the problem of carbon emissions in two to three years or it may be too late. This segment lasts around 30 minutes.

Part Three is the Question-Answer session with attendees. The speaker does a fairly consistent job repeating the questions for the sake of the recording.

While the Idaho Business Review recently praised Green LEEDers, it isn’t difficult to locate hateful, even violent critics of Mary Wood and other researchers who are offering hard-hitting analysis of our planet’s woes. However, true skeptics are encouraged to feed your healthy minds by looking up Mary Wood’s sources, which are listed exhaustively in the text version of her speech.

I took the liberty of checking on her recommended book list in the Boise Public Library catalog. Here are the results:

  1. Lester Brown Plan B 3.0 (1 copy)
  2. Ross Gelbspan Boiling Point (3 copies)
  3. Paul Hawken & others Natural Capitalism (2 copies)
  4. Jay Inslee Apollo’s Fire (not available)
  5. Mark Lynas Six Degrees (8 copies)
  6. Fred Pearce With Speed and Violence (7 copies)
  7. James Speth The Bridge at the Edge of the World (not available)

People are stunned climate change is so bad and so urgent, she says. We must begin slashing carbon emissions soon or it will be a different world because the science shows we are in imminent peril.

Wood cites scientists who describe an irrevocable two degree Celsius temperature rise as being just at the threshold of irreversible runaway heating. What we do in the next two to three years will define our future. The US has historically produced nearly 30% of the world’s emissions. This unprecedented problem requires us to overhaul our lifestyles before we reach the tipping point.

70 million tons of carbon are being pumped into Earth’s atmosphere every day. And yet, Wood says atmospheric defense is limited only by our imaginations. Buying local food, riding the bus and saying no to bottled water are only small changes. She says people need to understand carbon math and in order for that to happen, we need a new generation of victory speakers. Mary Wood says we need to talk to strangers every day.

During WWII new agencies and commissions sprung up but not now, she continued. The government should address such a broad threat to society. Taxpayer money and resource authority are caught up in government. Yet there is a deep gulf between what we should be doing and what we have done. Americans have lost the sense that government should act.

In Massachusetts Vs. EPA the Environmental Protection Agency claimed discretion to regulate atmospheric conditions, or not. The public, Mary Wood says, needs a new frame for government’s responsibility toward climate accountability. An obligation to protect us is the core of government’s responsibility.

We must think of the atmosphere as public property. No other trustee actually pays third parties to come in and destroy the trust! Stewardship has struck a chord with every major religion in the world. Mary Wood concludes the first half of her talk by adding that failure to protect natural inheritance amounts to generation theft.

In Part Two of the audio, Mary Wood explains three principles she sees for what we can do.

  1. Nature, not politics must define our necessary action. This is a matter of carbon math. There are currently 383 parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere. We have no assurance of our security. A meeting of climate scientists a year and a half ago determined that arctic ice melt is accelerating far beyond what was accounted for in previous models, and shortly after the threshold prediction was revised. 350 is nature’s climate imperative.
  2. Trustees must act on prescriptions. We must level out emissions by 2010, reduce emissions by 4% per year thereafter and we must be 80% below 2008 numbers by 2050. Ultimately industry will have to carbon-free.
  3. Nations and states must take responsibility for reducing carbon emissions. As co-tenant trustees all industrialized nations must carry out 4% reduction in carbon emissions per year or they will leave behind an “orphan share.”

Mary Wood’s conclusion is that we can do this. Oregon is claiming they have leveled out their carbon emissions in 2008. This is no time to have passive law makers. A moratorium on coal plants is urgent. And we have to protect carbon sinks such as forests and wetlands.

The United Nations Climate Change Synthesis Report identified 7 sectors that will have the greatest impact: Agriculture, Buildings, Energy, Forests, Industry, Transport and Waste.

For information about how to contact Mary Wood, CLICK HERE.

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